Sunday, May 22, 2016

Yasmin's Quinceañera - January 2016

It had been 18 months since we last saw our compadres in Guatemala. We have visited them at least once a year since 2007, so this span was way too long for our liking. But it was with good reason: at the end of June, Paulina gave birth to their seventh child (and second boy), Ian Ivan.

Our usual July 4th visit would not be possible with a newborn infant taking up the family's energy, so we thought that we might postpone the trip for a couple of months. However when baby Ian was only a month old, he became seriously ill and was hospitalized for 40 days in Guatemala City. He and Paulina stayed at the hospital, three hours' drive away from the rest of the family. Humberto and the older girls held down the fort at home, preparing meals and cleaning and preparing the guest rooms that they rent out.

Obviously this was not a good time to visit, so we postponed our trip until January to coincide with the 3rd eldest daughter Yasmin's quinceañera (15th birthday party - the Latina equivalent of a Sweet 16). Ian is back at home where he belongs, and his health is getting better day by day. We missed the kids terribly, and desperately wanted to meet the newest addition to the family.

Because I am now able to easily work remotely over the internet, we decided to stay longer than usual. We would stay 10 days!

It was a wonderful trip. We are so proud of Yasmin, who has grown into a lovely young lady. It was great to get to spend time with the seven kids, as well as their extended families. Baby Ian is a charmer, with a very happy disposition.

I worked during the weekdays when Aracely and Eddy were in school, and on evenings and weekends we found plenty of time to play with them and help the family prepare for, celebrate, and clean up after Yasmin's party.

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