Sunday, July 27, 2008

Visiting Guatemala

Humberto, Paulina, Vanesa, Paola

Yoselin, Aracely, Yasmin

We visited our "family" in Guatemala over the long 4th of July weekend. It was a wonderful visit, full of surprises. Paulina and Humberto are expecting baby #6 in November, and we are very excited! It was great to get to spend time with everyone. the girls are growing up so fast. Aracely is a little lady now, about to turn 3 years old. Her hair is so long now and she has gotten much bigger! We visited the older girls in school, and attended the wedding of Paulina's brother Carlos to his bride Vilma. The next day, we attended a family party to celebrate the arrival of Paulina's sister Olga and her husband Juan's new baby boy. We swam in Lago Atitlan and made numerous trips to the colorful market. It was great fun, and we are eagerly awaiting our next visit, when there will be a 6th child to love!