Sunday, January 31, 2016

Three weeks working remotely in Morochos, Ecuador

10/16/15 - 11/7/15

We planned this trip to Ecuador as somewhat of an experiment. Now that our compadres have reliable internet access, I received the go-ahead from my employer to try a working vacation. I would work full time over the internet while visiting the family. A three week trip would only require a single vacation day - the day that we traveled down there. It seemed like this would be the best of both worlds, allowing an extended visit with the family while still being able to fulfill my work obligations. We hoped that it would work out successfully, so that this could become something that we do regularly in the future. Now that Craig is retired because of his MS, we only need to worry about my work schedule. Proving that I could be an effective remote employee could open up new possibilities.

[We have posted our detailed trip log and photos over at our main website,]