Sunday, June 28, 2009

In Loving Memory of Nanie

Nanie (1916 - 2009)

Craig's grandmother passed away on Thursday evening, 2 weeks before her 93rd birthday. She will be dearly missed. Anyone who knew her loved her. At 4 foot 9, she was always Craig's little grandmother. She was born prematurely and the doctor did not think that she would survive. But her parents wrapped her in a towel, laid her in a shoebox, and put it on the radiator to keep her warm. They never gave up on her, and she thrived.

She took Craig and his brother Steve on some of their first travels, to Florida (Disney World), Niagara Falls, and throughout New England. Craig remembers that when he was little, she came back from a trip and gave him some coins from Barbados. He was very intrigued and brought them to school for show and tell.

Nanie always loved to hear about our travels, and we have sent her postcards from Easter Island, Bhutan, and Timbuktu among other places. She collected dolls, and we would always bring her back a doll from our trips.

We miss her very much, but we are glad that she is now reunited with Craig's Grampie.