Sunday, November 15, 2015

Anderson Ponty Band at Berklee

Amazing show by the Anderson Ponty Band tonight! Jon Anderson and Jean-Luc Ponty played songs from their collaborative album Better Late Than Never, as well as additional songs from both of their catalogs. The versions were lively and mostly jazzy, though there were touches of reggae, Celtic, and country blues stylings. The arrangements were intricate and tight, and we enjoyed them very much.

We were in the front row center mezzanine at Berklee, so we had a great view of the stage, and of course the acoustics were amazing.

Set I:
  1. One in the Rhythm of Hope
  2. A for Aria
  3. Owner of a Lonely Heart
  4. Listening with Me
  5. Time and a Word / One Love
  6. Infinite Mirage / Soul Eternal
  7. Enigmatic Ocean Parts I & II
  8. I See You Messenger
  9. New New World 
Set II:
  1. New Country
  2. Under Heaven's Door
  3. Wonderous Stories
  4. Long Distance Runaround
  5. Renaissance of the Sun
  6. State of Independence
  7. Jig
  8. And You and I
  9. Roundabout
  10. Soon

Jean-Luc Ponty addressed yesterday's tragedy in his native France, saying that tragedies can happen anywhere...Paris, Boston, NYC...and that music can be very healing. The entire city seemed to be lit up for France tonight. We noticed the Pru and the Garden, as well as many electronic billboards.

We haven't been to many concerts lately, but this one was definitely worth it! Thanks, APB, for a great night of entertainment!

Anderson Ponty Band 11/14/15: Infinite Mirage (clip)

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