Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tyson and David Visit

Tyson and David at the Black Lobster in Salem
Last week, probably the hottest week of the entire summer, Tyson and David visited from Utica, New York. Tyson has been a dear friend of mine since middle school, and this was our first opportunity to meet David.

They arrived on Saturday and we spent the afternoon and evening huddled around the air conditioner catching up on each others' lives. Steve stopped at the Sea Witch for some take-out and we enjoyed fried seafood and a round of drinks.

On Sunday, Tyson, David, and I took a drive to Salem to do the tourist thing. The record-breaking heat was in the 90's, but at least there was a sea breeze. We went into some of the unique shops and then took David to the Salem Witch Museum. This is a museum which illustrates the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 through a series of tableaux of wax figures (though not to be confused with the Salem Wax Museum). It is delightfully kitschy; some of the wax figures look like they could actually have been made in 1692 and the audio recording is over-the-top with melodrama. But it still manages to convey the history of the area in an entertaining manner. After that, we were brought in smaller groups through a second, newer exhibit called "Witches: Evolving Perceptions." It traced the evolution of a witch stereotype from an ancient Celtic midwife to the witch in Grimm's fairy tales, to the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz, to modern-day practitioners of Wicca.  It highlighted other times in history when certain groups were used as scapegoats, and urged keeping an open mind. However, as David pointed out, all of that  "don't stereotype" message kind of went out the window when you enter the gift shop and see rampant commercialization of the stereotypical witch image.
Tyson in a stockade, Salem
After that we walked around some more. We walked down the jetty past the replica of the Friendship (a 1797 merchant sailing ship) out to the Derby Wharf Lighthouse. Then we went to Ye Olde Pepper Companie Candies, America's oldest candy company, since 1806. Its cool, air conditioned interior smelled so good. There was a sign on the door restricting entrance to 10 students at a time, and we realized what a nightmare this store must be during field trips. We bought some candy (the dark chocolate covered espresso beans are fabulous) and then walked down the street to the House of Seven Gables. We were tired and didn't really have a tour left in us, but we sure could use something cold and refreshing. So we stopped at Captain Dusty's Ice Cream, where the guys got cones and I had a vanilla ice cream soda.. On the walk back to the car, the guys bought a case of Ipswich Ale at Bunghole Liquors. On the drive home, we stopped at Market Basket so that Tyson could stock up on Moxie.

That night, we went to the Black Lobster in Salem for dinner. We ate outside on their patio right on the water. We enjoyed some drinks and their pepper calamari as an appetizer. Tyson and Craig got the twin lobsters, David got a fisherman's plate, and I got baked scallops. The food was delicious and we enjoyed the local color as fishermen and biker chicks pulled up to the dock.

Craig's twin lobsters, the Black Lobster, Salem
After dinner it was starting to sprinkle rain, but we stopped at Salem Willows for some dessert. Craig got an ice cream, David got a slush, and Tyson had some fried dough. I was too stuffed from dinner to eat anything. We passed the arcades and bumper cars and walked down the dock where people were fishing by flashlight.

Unfortunately, Craig and I had to work the next morning. Tyson and David went to Rockport for the day and enjoyed the coast. We met up back at the house in the evening and hung out. On Tuesday, they went to Gloucester for a whale watch. The last time Tyson had been on a whale watch was a 6th grade field trip (that I didn't go on) when they got caught in a storm, saw no whales, and virtually the whole class got seasick. Luckily, this one turned out a lot better. It was supposed to hit 97 degrees today, but it was quite comfortable for them out on the water. They saw seven whales and had a fantastic time. On Wednesday, they went into Boston for the day and we met up back at the house in the evening.

It was a fantastic visit and we miss them already!


  1. Tyson Kreiger12:17 PM

    We miss you too, thank you for the wonderful time!

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    Biker chicks?!? You posted a pick of the lobsters, but not the biker chicks?!? Aargh, ye cap'n tis not proud, grr!

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  6. Ha ha, sorry, Cap'n. Maybe you'll have to come visit and we can take you there, too! See ya in 126!

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